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some demos


released March 10, 2017



all rights reserved


Pretty Girl Who Loves You Boston, Massachusetts

pretty girl who loves you is a band formed by chris masih and graciously accompanied by james malzone whenever possible

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Track Name: whole day's gone
sweat stained bed
the body makes a dent
a means to an end
i’m still pleading

heats getting to me
i cannot breathe
exit my body
and make something mean

plagued by design
whole day is gone
don’t wake me up
another hour
just turn the tv
Track Name: inhibitor
i can’t
control myself
when he's surrounded

by a
mess of flesh and text
that can’t ever go unread
all the blood in his face goes red

but ill keep you
in the dark
for how long
i don’t know

ill see you

whether you
want to

i can’t help
but drop the floor

when he’s falling down
knees buckle in
oh mother i’ve sinned
can you forgive him

he’ll make his peace
when its too late
i’ll stall his legs
limping to the right place

laying in his soft skulled own head
the smell lingers i don’t know why
it won’t wash out
singing in his sickly weak mind
lullaby that tempts his fingers
it grows too loud

i can’t help myself
Track Name: sister
i remember
playing with the toys
making stories and
i couldnt wait for more

coming home after
eating all alone
sit at your desk and
wait for the

move so fast
i can't make em all last
try to stick
with those you care
i was rarely there

laying side by side
in our campcot in the sky
hiding from the bugs
we knew wouldn't bite
talking shit about
all the people who weren't nice
oh little lion that we
stole just right

i remember
our giant painted hands
on the ceiling where
only flashlights land
little apartments
in our kitchen drawers
we made their beds
but wouldn't make ours

rewind tapes all day
try to find a nice movie to play
rewind tapes all day
try to find a nice movie to play

i see you
as you amble down that aisle
make your story
and i can’t wait for more
Track Name: water
i’ve seen
the weight of a dream
in so many
aged from time reasons for

conflict too real
always come clean

i shed my clothes and
wash my hair
soap gets in my eyes
cannot even care

warm water
runs down my
writing love letters
wish i could keep track

so sorry

i get my wish
still feel like shit
inside the pit
my unfinished list

the joke grows old
once was a hit
the shame i hold
hate doing this

smothered by self made chores
i can’t keep up anymore
no right to say I’m bored
i just need something to hold

listen to yourself
what a whiner
give up so easily
you don’t deserve

kindness of strangers
and their kinder words
maybe one day
you’ll come to learn


you will see
the weight of a dream
in so many
aged from time reasons for

comfort so near
it all comes clear